The Technology Behind Omni-Power

The Technology Behind Omni-Power

October 31, 2019 3011

While everyone wishes their devices could have longer battery life, the disappointing reality is that battery technology has advanced very little in recent years. Most smartphones need to be charged at least once a day (and sometimes more), and laptops often struggle to last through a single afternoon on battery power. The good news is that while battery technology moves forward at a snail's pace, charging technology is stepping up to the plate and making a real difference to how people use their devices. Charging today is faster and more convenient than ever before, and AUKEY is at the forefront of this advancement.

Earlier this month AUKEY unveiled Omni-Power, a new all-encompassing charging solution that combines the latest developments in charging technology into a single package. Let's take a look at some of the technologies and characteristics that define Omni-Power and make the latest charging tech so much better than before.

USB-C & USB Power Delivery
At the heart of Omni-Power is USB Power Delivery (PD) and the USB-C connector it utilizes. This universal standard is the future of fast charging, providing all the power needed for almost all kinds of device and equipment, from smartphones to large laptops. Despite offering up to 100W, PD chargers are similar in size to regular smartphone chargers, and the technology can be easily incorporated into power banks, car chargers, USB-C hubs, or any other charging hardware.

Dynamic Detect
While USB-PD and USB-C are universal technologies, Dynamic Detect was developed in-house at AUKEY and is exclusive to Omni-Power chargers. This technology addresses one of the key issues with multi-port USB-PD chargers, namely that they often distribute power in a wasteful and inefficient way. The Dynamic Detect chip integrated into our Focus series of chargers is able to direct the full power of the charger to a single port, or split it between multiple ports when required. So instead of a 60W charger always dividing its power between the ports (even when only one is in use), Focus chargers are able to harness all the power available and charge a single device (e.g. a 13" MacBook Pro) at the full 60W.

Dynamic Detect chargers also split the power in a more practical way. For example, the Focus Duo 63W splits the power 45W/18W, which is ideal for charging a laptop and fast charging a phone at the same time. An output of around 30W is not enough for most USB-C laptops, but is also too much for most smartphones, resulting in inefficient charging.

GaN Power Tech
Just as USB Power Delivery is the charging standard of the future, gallium nitride (GaN) is widely regarded as being the material of the future when it comes to circuitry. Gallium nitride possesses significantly superior properties compared to the traditional silicon, and AUKEY's GaN Power Tech is one of the earliest and most effective applications of this material in chargers. The main advantage of GaN Power Tech in charging is that it allows for the same amount of power to be produced from a much smaller size, meaning high-powered chargers can be just as light and compact as regular chargers. AUKEY has put this to good use, creating the Minima series of tiny chargers that are the smallest on the market for the amount of power they output.

Graphene Skin
Graphene Skin is an AUKEY technology used in Omni-Power cables that allows them to be lighter, stronger, more flexible, and dissipate heat better. Traditional cables use aluminum as shielding, but this is inferior to graphene in almost every way. Graphene is a cutting-edge material that can be extremely thin and flexible while remaining strong and durable, making it perfect for cables. The ultra-thin nature of Graphene skin also helps prevent heat built-up inside the cable, so the technology is ideal for high-powered charging solutions like USB Power Delivery.

A characteristic that can be found across the Omni-Power lineup is a commitment to break the mold and create something not previously attempted. A number of Omni-Power products combine technologies not often found together, for example our Unity Wireless 100W USB-C hub, which combines a versatile PD-compatible hub with a wireless charging pad to create a whole new type of product. A mix of GaN Power Tech and other innovations also allowed us to create the world's smallest PD chargers, with even smaller models in the works.

More products will be added to the Omni-Power lineup and our new online store over the coming months, giving you plenty of opportunity to try out the very latest in charging tech.